Ordo Supremus Militris
Templi Hierosolymitani

Grand Priory of the Scots - Grand Bailiwick of the Scots

Investiture at Balgonie Castle - 08/17/2017

Every four years since 1997, H. E. Chev. Raymond Morris, GCTJ, our Grand Prior, has held an investiture at Balgonie Castle, Fife, Scotland. August 29, 2017, is the next scheduled visit.

The ceremony will take place at 6:00 p.m. and will be followed by dinner in the Great Hall at 7:30 p.m. Dress is formal and mantles are required in order to participate in the procession.

There is a daily train service from Waverly Station in Edinburgh to Markinch, that in the past it arrived in Markinch at about 2:00 p.m. Travel time driving from Edinburgh to Markinch is about 30 minutes if there is no construction. You should really allow at least an hour if you are driving from either Perth or Edinburgh.

Dinner will be served by a local caterer and obviously details have not been finalized at this time. Wine will not be included in the dinner price but can be purchase from the caterer if you so wish. The menu and the price will be made known closer to the date of the Investiture. Of course a vegetarian entrée will also be available.

There is a cut off number of 45 for both the chapel and the great Hall.

The chapel is 14th century and the only difference between that time and now, is the placement of pews. It is well worth a visit and our Grand Prior, his son and daughter-in-law are very gracious hosts.

Investiture at Balgonie Castle - 08/05/2013

Every four years since 1997, His Excelency, Chevalier Raymond Morris, GCTJ, our Grand Prior, has held an investiture at Balgonie Castle, Fife, Scotland.  The current investiture was held the eveining of August 5, 2013.  It is my pleasure to welcome Chevalier Ajrn Paulson, Dame Karen Paulson and Dame Laurissa Cronwall.

Following the investiture ceremony, a very delicious dinner of potato leek soup, angus beef steak pie, roast potatoes, vegetables, banoffee pie & cream was served in the banquet hall. Those attending were Chevalier Tom and Dame Donna Paulson, along with their daughter Barbara and two grandchildren, Chevalier Connall Bell, Chevalier Robert and Dame Catherine Ryder, Chevalier John Burroughs, Chevalier Allen and Dame Sandra Cummings, Chevalier Christopher and Dame Eliana Cummins, Chevalier Mark and Dame Adele ODell, Chevalier Dan and Dame Anita Philbrick, Chevalier John and Dame Mary Peterson, Chevalier TJ and Dame Nicole Smith, Chevalier Neil Johnson, Chevalier Stuart Macpherson and his lady friend.

Dame Karen Paulson, Chevalier Ajrn Paulson and Dame Laurissa Cronwall.

14th Centruy Chapel

Banquet Hall

Members of the Priory of St Columba