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Ordo Supremus Militris
Templi Hierosolymitani
Grand Priory of the Scots - Grand Bailiwick of the Scots
Grand Priory Of The Scots Today
In 1989, the first North American knights and dames were received into the Grand Priory of Scotland. In 1991, the Templars Grand Master confirmed the Grand Priory of the Scots as a separate Grand Prior for the United States, and confirmed the Much Honored Raymond Morris of Balgonie and Eddergoll, Knight Grand Cross of the Order to be its Grand Prior. From his residence at Balgonie Castle in Fifeshire, he oversees the activities of the Grand Priory of the Scots and coordinates its activities with those of the other priories in Scotland. The Grand Priory of the Scots also enjoys cordial relations with other Scottish Priories and with Templars throughout the world.

With their white mantles bearing the blood red cross of the Order, today's knights and dames of the Grand Priory of the Scots are dedicated to the codes and principles of chivalry, and the carrying out of charitable good works.